Having more than 18 years of experience in architecture design, our focus is on retail, residential and hotel functions. We prepare preliminary concept plans, building permit plans, construction design drawing as general designer. We work with the same contractors and subcontractors for over ten years, resulting in a strong, reliable project team. Our main goal is to handle the project as a complex investment with its all aspects such as feasibility, sustainability and cost effectivity and support the client with our professional decisions. Have a look on our references.

area: 4400 sqm
area: 80 sqm
area: 380 sqm
area: 4280 sqm
area: 180 sqm
area: 720 sqm
area: 200 sqm
area: 150 sqm
area: 4000 sqm
area: 660 sqm
area: 470 sqm
area: 4000 sqm
area: 300 sqm
area: 200 sqm
area: 100 sqm
area: 12000 sqm
area: 2000 sqm